Piccolina Adventures

How We Began

One day a girl with a bee in her bonnet had no money and wanted to go traveling. She was working construction and living with Mom.
No fun.

Back when she was a free and independent college student, she had studied abroad in Italy. She spent the year traveling the country, meeting and visiting Italians from all over, and learning the ins and outs of some obscure country towns. The lucky girl even learned Italian fluently. She wanted to go back.

This girl decided she could share her knowledge of Italy’s special places and come along for the ride herself!


So she grabbed some local high schoolers and took them to her first Italian hometown: Siena. They spent ten fun-filled days biking through the hill towns nearby. They ate deer steak and wild boar salami; they toured a vineyard and learned how wines are made; they made spinach ravioli by hand; they stayed with nuns, college students and archaeologists. It started to rain and a Chianti local threw his underwear through their second story window. Basically, they all had a really good time.

Our happy girl enjoyed herself so much, she realized she wanted to do this again. and again. and again.

And Piccolina Adventures was born.