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experiential travel

Experience the best of Italy – biking, hiking or exploring with local friends.

We are re-defining travel, moving away from the typical “seeing” of a place, toward “experiencing” its authentic pulse, real people and traditional culture.

Focusing on experience, rather than simply visiting, we aim to craft vacations that make you excited to be alive!

meet local friends

We create our itineraries from personal experience and the recommendations of local friends.

Those same friends can’t wait to share their hometowns, their farms, their favorite restaurants, and help you better appreciate their land.

This is the real Italy.

You’ll watch Rosa make ricotta in her kitchen, Maria will show you the secret to rolling perfect orecchiette, Carlo will show you the swimming spot only the locals visit.

You’ll explore the best sites the region has to offer, but with the depth of perspective offered by those who lived and work there.

participate in everything

The inspiration for our trips came from wonderful experiences living in and exploring Italy. We want you to share in the discovery of these amazing places.

Piccolina (“little one” in Italian) is a small company. We do only a few trips each year, but each one is personal and enriching. Our groups are small, our adventures are great. Our mission is simple, but our scope is endless. Piccolina was started by one small girl, but our adventures span oceans!

We can’t wait to travel with you!

Laura Frew

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