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Bikes are our medium of exploration. But we do so much more. As we physically immerse ourselves in the landscape, pedaling through whitewashed towns, lush farmland, Tuscan vineyards or along the dazzling sea, we also delve into the region’s culture, unique history and daily life.

This includes the sumptuous world of local cuisine. We enjoy fresh, authentic meals throughout the trip. We visit olive orchards, housewives, vintners, farmers, cheesemakers and fishermen. We sample salamis, wines, fresh seafood, homemade cheeses, ripe tomatoes, and vegetables glowing with life. Each trip includes an authentic cooking class so we can take home the secrets of regional cooking.

We also delve hands-on into the region’s history. We learn its stories, climb Medieval towers, explore ancient caves and crypts, visit Byzantine mosaics or stroll through grand Renaissance cities.

We join with the locals to attend festivals, concerts, street fairs and markets.

Even our unusual accommodations reveal slices of real life. We stay in a Benedictine monastery in Tuscany, in family-run Bed&Breakfasts, on small-farms, and in restored stone apartments in Puglia.

Many of our local friends are sincerely pleased to share their passions with us. From a spontaneous glass of homemade wine, to an invitation for lunch, or a taste of homegrown olive oil- often they are as excited to meet us as we are to meet them.

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