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“This turned out to be one of the more memorable experiences in my life and easily one of the best traveling experiences I have ever had…we cycled through some of the most stunning and amazing countryside in Italy, stopping along the way to spend our nights on coastal farms, quaint bed and breakfasts, ancient stone cottages, and dine at the homes of some of [Laura’s] personal friends…Puglia was an especially interesting place for me to visit because it has retained an authentic and down-to-earth air, which is both contagious and refreshing. From the generosity and hospitality of the hosts we stayed with, to the pace and feel of life in the town squares…the trip gave me a unique Italian experience. I highly recommend Laura’s trip for anyone looking to broaden his or her horizons and experience a vacation abroad in a more exciting, real and authentic manner. I would go again in a heartbeat.”

– Alex Sheldon, San Francisco – Biking Puglia ’09


This trip definitely stands out among the best! … [It] was absolutely beautiful. Such an amazing and authentic experience that I don’t think we could have received from other bike tours.

– Sarah M., San Francisco – Biking Puglia July ’11


“I’m so happy to have been a part of this tour – totally exceeded my expectations! Many thanks for your adventures, … your sense of fun, and your constant smile. ”

– Ann A., San Francisco – Biking Puglia Sept 2011


“What a joyous adventure! I can’t stop talking about it. Love the places we went and the new friendships made!! Love, happiness and gratitude”
– Laura S., San Diego – Biking Puglia Sept 2013


“This trip let me forget that I was a tourist in a foreign country. Your connections with the locals, knowledge of the culture, and balanced trip itinerary allowed us to concentrate on the experiences and have a good time without any worries. Thank you!!”

– Raphael Dozzi, Berkeley – Biking Puglia ’09


“The trip was end to end fantastic.”

– Steve S., Belmont – Biking Puglia July ’11


“Thank you so much for showing me your Italy! I had an amazing and unforgettable time.”

– Ed C., Redwood City – Biking Puglia Sept 2011


This was “an amazing & authentic adventure. Loved every minute of it.”

– Anna M., Berkeley – Biking Puglia July ’11


“[This was] a trip of a lifetime. I am so happy…so much fun biking and enjoying all the meals & special Italian events with such a great diverse group of people. It was nonstop fun for 9 full days! I think back every day and have something to laugh or smile about! Thank you to everyone for your help and patience with me as a novice biker. I am truly grateful and miss you all!”

– Maria Z., San Francisco – Biking Puglia ’13


“Such an interesting, relaxing and enjoyable trip- I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great time- meeting you, Adriana*, the group and all the others in Italy- it was just so much FUN! THANK YOU!”

* our fantastic local guide

– Deirdre Merrill, San Francisco – Biking Puglia ’08


“Seeing local [life] up close and visiting areas that few [Americans] visit… was something [we] would not have gotten from any other tour. Thanks for putting together the entire trip.”

– L. Lew, San Francisco – Biking Puglia ’08


“I had a great time on our trip! I really enjoyed everything about [it]…Thanks so much for putting this all together: it was truly a special time I will always remember.”

– Shawn Donlea, Marin – Biking Puglia ’10


“Thanks for an amazing trip! It was truly beautiful with a lot memorable times. Thank you Laura for being inspired to arrange this!”

– Stevanie Wazna-Blank, Berkeley – Biking Puglia ’10


“This trip changed my life. It was the best in so many ways. Looking forward to next year. Thank you for making this happen! Looking forward to coming back next year!”

– Kristi M., Auburn – Biking Puglia ’13


“I’ve been on many bike tours before…[and] I highly endorse Piccolina Adventures!

– Dave Browning, San Diego, CA – Custom Cycling Sicily


[This was a] truly great experience in Sicily! I will never ever forget this trip!

– Tony Picone, San Francisco, CA – Avid Cycling Sicily


“You thought of everything!”

– Bill Rietmann, San Francisco, CA – Avid Cycling Sicily


“This trip was truly was the gift of the year (and lifetime) for us. Thanks…for sharing the beauty of Sicily with [our group].”

– Paul Bloomquist, San Diego, CA – Avid Cycling Sicily

wine and lunch in lecce
adri laughing by the sea
shawn visiting specchia
laughing on the motorboat to the adriatic sea caves
loving gelato!
stevanie in alberobello
arriving after a long day's ride
john picks a prickly pear near lecce
enjoying lunch in lecce
adri laughing by the sea
shawn visiting specchia
laughing on the motorboat to the adriatic sea caves
john picks a prickly pear near lecce